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Leicestershire County Council School Transport Policy: Proposed Changes

Leicestershire county council is proposing a change to the policy that currently provides free transport for many of the counties school/college children. If implemented, the new policy would only provide free transport to the nearest school or academy to the child's home address, even if that place of education is controlled by a neighbouring Local Education Authority (such as Leicester City).

You can click here to see further information about the proposed policy changes.

You can see why we think the proposed policy changes are flawed viewing this document.

View an alternative proposal put forward by The Liberal Democrats by clicking here.
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Say NO to proposed

Leicestershire School Transport Policy


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What is happening?

Radio Leicester Airtime

Thursday 27th March's breakfast time show on Radio Leicester included a great update on our campaign with Peter Osborne & Simon Galton talking at length about the recent amendment to the policy proposal, as well as some great snippets from parents and children.

Listen again

Campaign Song

Following a recording session at a local school involving approximately 50 children, our campaign now has a singing voice.

See all of the recordings of 'It's My Education' on youTube at:
Save Our School Bus

Complaint To The Council

The community has established an opposition group because it is concerned that the Council has failed to meet its duties in respect of the consultation process and policy proposal.

We are concerned that the proposal will lead to a retrograde step for transport and education, if the proposal is approved.

We have therefore submitted a complaint to John Sinnott the CEO of Leicestershire County Council.

Parental Demonstration

Gartree High School issue a letter to residents of Oadby re parental demonstration on 07.03.14

For details click here

Public Meeting

WHERE: Fernvale Primary School
WHEN: Wednesday 5th March
TIME: 6:30pm

Read Steve's Excellent presentation by clicking here

Thanks for the show of support and to all who took part - the meeting was a great success.

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What Can YOU do?

Apply More Pressure
Respond to the latest LCC proposal and call for a public meeting

You can use the letter shown here as a template for your own letter or email the 'usual suspects' below and call for a public meeting.

We have asked LCC to reply with a date and venue by Friday 9th May, so apply the pressure now!

IMPORTANT - We urge everybody to complete the Second LCC Consultation questionnaire by clicking here.

If you have friends and family elsewhere in the county ask them to consider completing the questionnaire also.

You can also send your comments, thoughts and alternative suggestions to transportassessments@leics.gov.uk

The closing date for these comments is 15th June.

To email the scrutiny committee members individually with your own personal message, click on the email addresses below:

To Email your thoughts to County Council cabinet members: nicholas.rushton@leics.gov.uk

Email your Member of Parliament
Here in the constituency of Rutland & Melton this is Alan Duncan (baldaml@parliament.uk).

Advice from Alan Duncan
If the local authority cabinet members & scrutiny panel refer you to the Dept for Education, then reply to John Sinnott (Chief Executive of LCC) urging him for a full evidence based response.